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I’ll Have the Sloppy Ho: Tropical Grocery on Baxter

When you do this job, you spend your time en route to one place or another scanning the businesses you pass for anything food-oriented and new. Fairly recently, the space at 1037 Baxter St., next door to where Taj Mahal used to be, put up a new sign reading “Bulldawgs Wings/Deli & Tropical Grocery.” Also: “100% Halal Fresh Meats.” Also “Te Te’s Grocery Deli.” And finally, “Buy a chicken from us and we will cook it for free!”

The space is tiny, but it clearly has a fair amount going on. Most of the goods are not specifically tropical. You can get sodas, plastic tablecloths, hair accessories and pizza. If you wander around, you’ll find the aisle that has bags of dried fish and shrimp, jarred curry and thickening agents for stews.

tropical grocery 2.jpg

Sloppy Ho, anyone?

I didn’t manage to locate the chickens yet, but I’m sure they’re in there. You can also get a hot meal, with burgers named the Sexy Ho, Sloppy Ho and Sweet Ho, plus a Jerk Burger (no Spicy Ho?), wings and chicken sandwiches. The store is open until 9 p.m. most nights. Look for more details here soon.