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Groucho’s Deli is Moving Into Sudz on Baxter

Groucho’s Deli

The Sudz laundry at 396 Baxter St., with a primo location right across from UGA’s dorms, has sat empty for a while now. When the Butt Hutt was up the street a bit, next to Jimbo’s convenience store, its original plan was to renovate the building and move in, but that kept getting delayed and then Jot ‘Em Down closed on Macon Highway, providing an easier and more suitable new home.

From what I understood, the plan was still for Butt Hutt to take over the Sudz building eventually, but now that seems to be over and done with and, instead, franchise Groucho’s Deli is taking the space.

Be warned. Its website will play music at you and there is no off switch that I can see. Like many a franchise “deli” that has opened in Athens recently (and there have been a lot of them), Groucho’s isn’t from actual deli territory up north. Its roots are in Columbia, S.C., and it has no Georgia locations yet, although it’s planning another one in Statesboro.

There’s no Athens-specific menu on the site yet, but here’s the one for Charleston, which is no doubt fairly similar: salads and sandwiches.