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Shelter Projects: Cheryl Washburn, “Sheltering in Nature”

The Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, in partnership with the UGA Graduate School, UGA Arts Council, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and Flagpole, has awarded 34 micro-fellowships in its Shelter Projects program. The $500 fellowships support graduate students and community-based artists and practitioners in the creation of shareable reflections on their experience of the current pandemic through the arts and humanities.

Early in the pandemic, Cheryl Washburn turned to nature as refuge from isolation, uncertainty and fear of death of both loved ones and herself. Among various peaceful landscapes, her Shelter Project includes photographs of in-progress paintings inspired by Oconee Hill Cemetery. In addition to her portrait of a gold-haloed alpaca that graces the cover of Flagpole this week, she also has several paintings of icons underway. Check out @cherylwashburnart on Instagram for frequent progress shots, and watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of her private studio.