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Photo Gallery: CCSD Grads on Parade

Moussa and Amy Sarr.

With official graduation ceremonies postponed until July—if they happen at all—several Athens neighborhoods turned to caravans to celebrate their teenage residents’ accomplishment.

One was Cedar Creek, where several dozen newly minted graduates paraded through the subdivision as neighbors cheered. Coronavirus robbed these students of part of their senior year, and the caravans were one way to restore a sense of normalcy.

All photos by Whitley Carpenter.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_166.jpg

Michael Brewer plays “Pomp and Circumstance” on sousaphone.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_158.jpg

200520_wcc_graduate parade_025.jpg

Amanda Auchenpaugh and her daughter, Elia, decorate a car.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_132.jpg

200520_wcc_graduate parade_076.jpg

Chandler Pendley with her father, Chris.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_090.jpg

Ainsley Guntermann talks to her mother, Sharon.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_095.jpg

Sara Lorusso cheers.

200520_wcc_graduate parade_049.jpg

200520_wcc_graduate parade_158.jpg