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Terrapin Takes on Budweiser’s Anti-Craft Beer Ad

As we sipped our sissy Creature Comforts Athenas, daintily, with our pinkies extended, engaging in a Foucauldian discourse about Missy Elliott and dancing sharks, the Super Bowl ad that most drew our utterly ineffectual ire wasn’t that M. Night Shyamalan-style Nationwide disaster, but this little reactionary appeal from Budweiser. 

The King of Bland, Overpriced Adjunct Lagers was taking on craft breweries directly. Athens’ Terrapin Beer Co. to the rescue!

In a testament to the power of corporate #branding and America’s terrible taste in almost everything, Budweiser’s ad got more than 1,100 favorites. Terrapin’s tweet about it got 117. But, as in politics, you know you’re winning when the other guy goes negative.

Oh, and for the record, AB InBev—the international conglomerate that makes Budweiser—also owns Shock Top, which does not offer a “pumpkin peach ale,” but does sell a pumpkin beer, a raspberry beer, an apple beer, a banana beer and a lemonade shandy.

UPDATE: This just in from Creature Comforts. #shotsfired