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We Live-Tweeted the USA’s Crushing Defeat at the World Cup

Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

Me, Flagpole music editor Gabe Vodicka, beer writer Jacob Yarbrough and film critic Derek Hill, that is. It went about like you’d expect.

File under, “I see what you did there.”

This goes to show you how much I know about soccer.

Jacob started out fairly optimistic. Me, not so much.

Gabe decided to play a little game of “I Spy.”

(Editor’s note: Prince Harry would go on to crush our hopes and dreams, the ginger bastard.)

Feelings were mixed about DeMarcus Beasley and Michael Bradley.

Feelings also were mixed about our respective match-watching venues (Normal Bar and Cine). 

OK, now you can tell we’ve been drinking.

Everybody pretty much quit tweeting after a while.

And then… dammit.