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<cal_H1>LIVE MUSIC</cal_H1>
<cal_H2>Monday 13</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>Cozy Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. $5.</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>PIERRES</cal_H4>Melodic and brainy local alt-rock group.
<cal_H4>NAUM</cal_H4>Hardcore math rock from St. Augustine, FL.
<cal_H4>MAXUMA</cal_H4>Three young guns from Athens trying to cope with reality.
<cal_H3>Flicker Theatre &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>9:30 p.m. $8 (adv.), $12. www.flickertheatreandbar.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>PINKERTON RAID</cal_H4>Genre-bending band combining folk, Americana and indie.
<cal_H4>NEWPORT TRANSPLANT</cal_H4>New local Americana band straddling honky tonk and punk rock.
<cal_H2>Tuesday 14</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>40 Watt Club</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. (doors). $30. www.40watt.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>FRED ARMISEN</cal_H4>Professional musician and stand-up comedian with jokes centered around the musical experience.
<cal_H4>DEF RAIN</cal_H4>Synth-heavy space pop from North Texas.
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. FREE! www.athenscine.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>KARAOKE WITH THE KING</cal_H4>Sing your heart out to a huge selection of songs. First three Tuesdays of every month.
<cal_H3>Flicker Theatre &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. $10. www.flickertheatreandbar.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>POOSE THE PUPPET</cal_H4>Puppeteer and musician emphasizing mental health and positive imagery.
<cal_H4>COOKIE TONGUE</cal_H4>Theatrical freak folk puppetry duo.
<cal_H4>PEEPA SHOW</cal_H4>embers of Immaterial Possession present surreal performance art.
<cal_H4>SHORT</cal_H4>No info available.
<cal_H4>TURTLE GRENADE</cal_H4>New-to-town indie "folk-ish" singer-songwriter for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and Kimya Dawson.
<cal_H3>Southern Brewing Co., Monroe</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. www.sobrewco.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>FUNKY BLUESTER</cal_H4>Blues outfit inspired by traditional Chicago and Texas styles.
<cal_H2>Wednesday 15</cal_H2>
<cal_H2>Thursday 16</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>The World Famous</cal_H3>
<cal_H3>The Pity Party</cal_H3>
<cal_H3>Hotel Indigo</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>5:30–8 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/AubreyEntertainmentAthensGA</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>AVERY DEAKINS</cal_H4>Local blues artist blending country, rock and 70s easy listening.
<cal_H3>40 Watt Club</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. $5. www.40watt.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>RAK THE WATT</cal_H4>Annual belly dance celebration that highlights local performers.
<cal_H3>Hendershot&#8217;s Coffee</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. FREE! www.hendershotsathens.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>HENDERSHOTS JAZZ JAM</cal_H4>Open jazz jam held every third Thursday of the month featuring the accompanying house band Unstarched.
<cal_H3>Festival Hall</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6:45 p.m. $20. www.festivalhallga.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>JAZZ LEGACY PROJECT</cal_H4>John Coltrane: The Beauty of the Struggle is the second of a three-art jazz series hosted by the Festival Hall this year. Narrated by drummer Justin Varnes, the program includes seminal jazz pieces to illuminate the narration.
<cal_H4>EVERGREENE</cal_H4>Local folk-rock country band with sisters Helen, Elisa and LilyGarcia-Carereras.
<cal_H2>Friday 17</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>International Grill &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/IGBAthensGA</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>MARY AND THE HOT HOTTIE HOTS</cal_H4>Led by Mary Sigalas, the band plays hot jazz and swing music from the '10s, '20s and '30s for your nostalgic partying pleasure. (10 a.m.)
<cal_H3>The Root</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>10 p.m. FREE! www.therootathens.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>DIABLO SANDWICH AND THE DR. PEPPERS</cal_H4>Local all-star Southern rock band blending country, jazz and more.
<cal_H3>Innovation Amphitheater</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6:30 p.m. (doors), 7:30 p.m. (show). $25. www.innovationamphitheatre.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>THE MAD HATTERS</cal_H4>Faithful Tom Petty tribute band.
<cal_H3>Hendershot&#8217;s Coffee</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6:30 p.m. $20 (dinner and show), $10 (show only). www.hendershotsathens.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>ATHENS MIDDLE EASTERN ORCHESTRA</cal_H4>The group will play music from Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Syria and more while guests enjoy a night of shawarma and falafel.
<cal_H3>Downtown Greensboro</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. FREE! www.downtowngreensboroga.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>WIM TAPLEY AND THE CANNONS</cal_H4>Dangerously catchy pop band fronted by Washington, D.C. transplant Wim Tapley.
<cal_H4>AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL</cal_H4>Atlanta-based band covering '90s hits.
<cal_H3>Athentic Brewing Co.</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>2–11 p.m. FREE! www.athenticbrewing.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>BLUEGRASS CONFIDENTIAL</cal_H4> Bluegrass band playing complex arrangements of standards and originals. (7–10 p.m.)
<cal_H3>Flicker Theatre &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. (doors). $10 (adv.), $15. www.flickertheatreandbar.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>JD PINKUS</cal_H4>Asheville-based musician and former member of Butthole Surfers.
<cal_H4>VANSPLAINER</cal_H4>Local punk band.
<cal_H3>Georgia Theatre Rooftop</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show). FREE! www.georgiatheatre.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>THE ENEMY</cal_H4>High-energy hip-hop artist Trvy performing with his jazz-influenced band.
<cal_H4>RHYAL KNIGHT</cal_H4>Americana band influenced by a blend of retro soul and nuanced jazz with subtle folk and funk overtones.
<cal_H4>ANNIE LEETH</cal_H4>Local experimental violinist and multi-instrumentalist composer.
<cal_H3>Southern Brewing Co.</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show). $10. www.facebook.com/AubreyEntertainmentAthensGA</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>NIGHT FEVER</cal_H4>New five-piece band fronted by Jason Fuller and Ansley Stewart playing yacht rock classics.
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>7–10 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/darkentriesathens</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>DARK ENTRIES KARAOKE</cal_H4>Sing your favorite song from a curated catalog of classic to modern goth, post-punk, punk and industrial.
<cal_H2>Saturday 18</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>International Grill &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>5 p.m. $5. www.facebook.com/IGBAthensGA</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>BABBLER</cal_H4>Atlanta rock band.
<cal_H4>RUNNING RIOT</cal_H4>Punk rock band.
<cal_H4>GROUNDS CREW</cal_H4>Atlanta-based rock trio.
<cal_H4>MELLOWPOOL</cal_H4>Atlanta alternative psychadelic funk metal band.
<cal_H3>Georgia Theatre Rooftop</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. (doors), 9 p.m. (show). $12–15. www.georgiatheatre.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>LATIN NIGHT</cal_H4>DJs will keep the audience dancing all night at this masquerade carnival-themed party.
<cal_H3>Boutier Winery &#038; Inn</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. $10. www.boutierwinery.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>OWL CREEK BAND</cal_H4>Classic and southern rock.
<cal_H3>Boar&#8217;s Head Lounge</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>10 p.m. www.facebook.com/pages/The-Boars-Head-Downtown</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>GHOST DAD THE ROBOT</cal_H4>Electronic space rock with sci-fi influences.
<cal_H4>E.W. HARRIS AND CO.</cal_H4>Diverse experimental songwriter.
<cal_H3>Front Porch Bookstore</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/Front-Porch-Book-Store</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>THE HOBOHEMIANS</cal_H4>Six-piece acoustic band performing American and European roots music of the 1910s–30s.
<cal_H3>Innovation Amphitheater</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6 p.m. (doors), 7 p.m. (show). $25. www.innovationamphitheatre.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>FRANKLY SCARLETT</cal_H4>Grateful Dead cover band.
<cal_H3>Hendershot&#8217;s Coffee</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>THE ORIGINAL SCREW TOPS</cal_H4>Local band that plays original blues as well as its own take on old time classics.
<cal_H3>Athentic Brewing Co.</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>1–11 p.m. FREE! www.athenticbrewing.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>JACK MILLER AND JIM GREENE</cal_H4>An evening of live blues. (4 p.m.)
<cal_H4>DENNIS AND BRAD'S GREAT BREWERY TOUR</cal_H4>Dennis O'Hagan and Brad Wehlitz play multiple instruments and cover genres from Americana to punk. (7–10 p.m.)
<cal_H3>Flicker Theatre &#038; Bar</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. $12. www.flickertheatreandbar.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>CUMGIRL8</cal_H4>Post-punk band from Brooklyn.
<cal_H4>NIHILIST CHEERLEADER</cal_H4>Local dance punk band.
<cal_H4>BASICALLY NANCY</cal_H4>Riot grrrl band from Savannah.
<cal_H3>Bishop Park</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 a.m.–12 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket.net</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>BOB HAY</cal_H4>Veteran Athens musician and former member of The Squalls. (8 a.m.)
<cal_H4>SWING THEORY</cal_H4>Big band jazz and swing. (10 a.m.)
<cal_H2>Sunday 19</cal_H2>
<cal_H3>Paloma Park</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>5–11 p.m. www.facebook.com/PalomaParkAthens</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>IAMTHEDOT</cal_H4>Versatile independent hip-hop artist.
<cal_H4>MULA MEECH</cal_H4>Longtime local rapper.
<cal_H4>OBADIAH DESAVIEU</cal_H4>No info available.
<cal_H4>AFRO KENOBI</cal_H4>Local lyricist embodying classic hip-hop.
<cal_H4>SAYII RIVALE</cal_H4>Athens-based hip-hop artist and engineer.
<cal_H4>MOLLY TU HOTT</cal_H4>Energetic hip-hop artist with flows to dance to.
<cal_H4>LILONE THE DON</cal_H4>Hip-hop artist.
<cal_H4>NIÑO BROWN</cal_H4>Award-winning hip hop project of musician Cortez Garza.
<cal_H4>TAYLOR AND TYLOR</cal_H4>Brothers performing RB music.
<cal_H3>Boutier Winery &#038; Inn</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>8 p.m. FREE! www.boutierwinery.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>DENNY MARTIN</cal_H4>Live acoustic music.
<cal_H3>Rialto Club</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>6 p.m., 7:30 p.m. (two sets). $15 (adv.), $20. www.facebook.com/AubreyEntertainmentAthensGA</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>DWAN BOSMAN</cal_H4>Celebrated smooth jazz saxophonist.
<cal_H3>Creature Comforts Brewery</cal_H3>
<cal_P><cal_Infoline>3–5 p.m. www.creaturecomfortsbeer.com</cal_Infoline>
<cal_H4>LIVE JAZZ</cal_H4>Every Sunday afternoon.
<cal_H3>Cali N Tito&#8217;s Eastside</cal_H3>