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Wired Dance Music Festival

Now in its 11th incarnation, and bigger than ever, this year’s WIRED Music Festival, AthFest’s all-day showcase of electronic music, features heavy hitters from the dubstep and EDM worlds, as well as a host of upstart locals. Headliner Must Die, aka Atlanta producer Lee Bates, constructs bubbly, arena-sized bass anthems that should appeal to fans of Skrillex and his ilk. Keep the party going with music from Smookie Illson, a trap-happy trio shrouded in mystery. Smookie’s party-starting sound owes to a bygone, more nuanced electro era, but incorporates a fair share of in-your-face bass to keep it balanced. Supporting acts include Triz, DJ RX, Maagician, MK Ultra, Ployd and many others.