June 29, 2015

The Jamie Hood Trial Is Completely Bonkers

Unfortunately, Flagpole does not have the resources to send a writer to sit in a courtroom for eight hours a day for two months, but oh my God, as tragic and reprehensible as Jamie Hood's crime spree was, this story is amazing.

Hood is accused of killing Kenneth Omari Wray and kidnapping Judon Brooks while searching for a drug dealer who'd cut him out of the game. While on the lam after Brooks escaped out of the trunk of a car, Hood shot Athens-Clarke County police officers Buddy Christian and Tony Howard, killing Christian (which he has admitted). Then he hid out for four days, took a family hostage and surrendered on live TV with seemingly every cop in the state surrounding the house.

Hood is currently on trial and serving as his own attorney, which is a comedy of errors in and of itself. It also means he's cross-examining local police officers—including Howard, whom he shot through the cheek and who took the stand this morning.

Luckily, there's a Jamie Hood hashtag on Twitter, and it's the best thing on the Internet right now. (You can also watch a live stream.)

I want to cover this so badly.