March 7, 2014

Qualifying Wrap-up: Herb Gilmore, Sharyn Dickerson


Herb Gilmore.

Qualifying for the May 20 and Nov. 4 elections concluded Friday with no one other than Tim Denson challenging Mayor Nancy Denson. Sharyn Dickerson signed up to run against Commissioner Doug Lowry. Herb Gilmore made Commission District 3 a four-person race. Gregory Davis stepped up to fill Denise Spangler's school board seat. And there are 16, count 'em, 16 people running for state school superintendent.

Here's a look at who'll be on the Athens ballot:

ACC Mayor

Nancy Denson*

Tim Denson

Commission District 1

Doug Lowry*

Sharyn Dickerson

Commission District 3

Rachel Watkins

Melissa Link

Dustin Kirby

Herb Gilmore

Commission District 5

Dave Hudgins

Jared Bailey*

Commission District 7

Diane Bell

Commission District 9

Kelly Girtz*

Board of Education District 1

Gregory Davis

BOE District 3

Linda Davis*

BOE District 5

Sarah Ellis

BOE District 7

Carol S. Williams*

BOE District 9

Ovita Thornton*

Solicitor General

C.R. Chisholm


Nathan Deal (R)*

David Pennington (R)

Jason Carter (D)

John Barge (R)

Lieutenant governor

Connie Stokes (D)

Casey Cagle (R)*

Attorney General

Sam Olens (R)*

Greg Hecht

Secretary of State

Brian Kemp (R)*

Gerald Beckum (D)

Doreen Carter (D)

Insurance commissioner

Liz Johnson (D)

Keith Heard (D)

Ralph Hudgens (R)*

Agriculture commissioner

Gary Black (R)*

Christopher Irvin (D)

Labor commissioner

Mark Butler (R)*

Robbin Shipp (D)

State school superintendent

Allen Fort (R)

T. Fitz Johnson (R)

Kira Willis (R)

Nancy Jester (R)

Richard L. Woods (R)

Sharyl Dawes (R)

Mary Kay Bacallao (R)

Denise Freeman (D)

Alisha Thomas Morgan (D)

Ashley Bell (R)

Jurita Mays (D)

Mike Buck (R)

Rita Robinzone (D)

Valarie Wilson (D)

Tarnisha Dent (D)

State representative, District 117

Regina Quick (R)*

State representative, District 118

Spencer Frye (D)*

State representative, District 119

Chuck William (R)*

State senator, District 46

Bill Cowsert (R)*

State senator, District 47

Frank Ginn (R)*

Public Service Commissioner, District 1

Doug Everett (R)*

Public Service Commissioner, District 4

Lauren McDonald, (R)*

Douglas Kidd (R)

Craig Lutz (R)

Daniel Blackman (D)

U.S. House, District 9

Doug Collins (R)*

Bernie Fontaine (R)

David Vogel (D)

U.S. House, District 10

Donna Sheldon (R)

Gary Gerrard (R)

Jody Hice (R)

Mike Collins (R)

S. Mitchell Swan (R)

Stephen Simpson (R)

Ken Dious (D)

Brian Slowinski (R)

U.S. Senate

Jack Kingston (R)

Phil Gingrey (R)

Karen Handel (R)

Paul Broun (R)

David Perdue (R)

Art Gardner (R)

Branko Radulovacki (D)

Todd Robinson (D)

Michelle Nunn (D)

Steen Miles (D)


"R" indicates that a candidate is Republican and "D" a Democrat. Candidates with no letter by their names are nonpartisan. Libertarians will nominate their candidates at a convention on Saturday.

Interested in other races? Look them up at the Georgia Secretary of State's pretty but barely functional new website.