June 22, 2016

The Starter Kits: The Starter Kits Review

(Independent Release) In the eternally topsy-turvy world of Athens music, it’s not uncommon for bands to take several forms over the course of their lives, or for a group to break up—or “go on hiatus”—only to reform down the line. To wit, local rockers The Starter Kits have released a long-awaited album after two years of inactivity, only to announce that they’ll be calling it quits after a short series of farewell shows.

The Starter Kits has been in the works for years, and the record functions as “basically a greatest hits” collection, according to frontman Mikey Dwyer. Opener “Pretty Girls” is a catchy punk number featuring a bouncy keyboard line that adds levity to an otherwise gritty performance. Most of the album’s eight rollicking, Southern rock-tinged tunes center on Dwyer’s charismatic baritone, which shines when given space, as on the slow-simmering “Burn” and the psychedelic-noir ballad “Insatiable.”

The Starter Kits is a fine farewell from a group whose music is nonetheless best heard in the live setting. Though the band appears to be done for now—bassist Jamie Coulter will move to Colorado this summer—they’ll play one last show at this year’s AthFest. Y’all know what to do.


  • Friday, June 24

    Hendershot's Coffee Bar

    8 p.m.

    The Starter Kits

    The Starter Kits Old school-inspired rock band out of Athens, fronted by songwriter Mikey Dwyer.