March 30, 2016

100 Watt Horse: It May Very Well Do EP Review

(Seagreen) Atlanta’s 100 Watt Horse literally knows no bounds on its latest EP, the 15-minute It May Very Well Do. Comprised of a single song, the group jumps between everything it knows best—sparse, plaintive folk; vintage, keyboard-fueled pop; cavernous, lo-fi emotionality—interspersing these elements with field recordings that provide brief moments of amusement in between the winsome beauty.

The EP alters course in a flash; the lull of crickets chirping over George Pettis and Anna Jeter’s intertwining vocals comes to an abrupt halt before a fuzzy guitar sends the song into overdrive. From there, the group fiddles with a figure on an old piano, belts out questions backed by shimmering guitars and “ooo”s to a finger-plucked acoustic.

As each segment bleeds into the next, the EP maintains a warm, warped sheen, unifying the disparate elements. And though It May Very Well Do’s brevity leaves one eager for more, it also makes for an absorbing piece of art, one to get lost in and play over and over again. Believe me, you can make the time.


  • Monday, April 4

    Georgia Theatre

    On the Rooftop. 10 p.m. FREE!

    Moths, 100 Watt Horse, Oh, Rose

    MOTHS Jacob Morris plays folk-rock with a pop sensibility and an inevitable psychedelic tinge.

    100 WATT HORSE Kindhearted Atlanta folk-rock act led by songwriter George Pettis.

    OH, ROSE Psych-tinged indie rock band from Olympia, WA.