September 16, 2015

Dream Culture: Post Habitual Review

(MOEKE) Following in the footsteps of flower-power devotees like Dungen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and the prog gods who inspired those bands (one senses ghostly trails of Todd Rundgren, Yes and King Crimson throughout), Athens-via-Lawrenceville five-piece Dream Culture’s Post Habitual is a capable, occasionally riveting release.

Dream Culture has fixed some of the uneven aspects of its self-titled debut EP, where listless synth-pop clashed with wah-heavy guitar workouts. The sonic and thematic heart of Post Habitual lies in its two middle tracks, “Every Day” and “Every Other Day,” where the band successfully fuses disco-funk rhythms with warbling waves of keyboard and a sassy vocal melody.

Instrumentals “If” and “Thursday” round out the EP and showcase the group’s playful collaborative energy. Given its sonic similarity to widely publicized recent efforts from groups like Tame Impala, Post Habitual sometimes feels a little too on-the-nose. Still, Dream Culture has settled into a singular groove—one with plenty of room to build upon from here. [Gabe Vodicka]

Dream Culture plays the Caledonia Lounge on Wednesday, Sept. 16.