May 8, 2013

Velocirapture: Recreator

Independent Release

You can make a record just about anywhere, and Velocirapture decided to make one in a lot of places—the band notes that Recreator was recorded in "bedrooms and basements and kitchens and parked cars and train stations." Indeed, cheap digital recording equipment is readily available these days, and even the most experienced bands can put together a slick-sounding DIY album with nothing more than a laptop and a few good mics.

But although it was recorded on GarageBand, Recreator sounds like it was put together on a four-track the band found in its uncle's garage. If the other bands involved with the Birdhouse Collection are in your aesthetic wheelhouse, you’ve got an instant winner. Throughout Recreator, there are several features that stick out: plucked guitars, simple, earnest lyrics and calculated noise. Take, for example, the opening lines from “I <3 rt”: “I’d like to tell you I think you’re beautiful/ From your long hair to the way you paint your toenails.” Lyrics like that are not earth-shattering, but they work beautifully with a loosely strummed guitar behind them.

When, as there, the tracks on Recreator feel like skeletons of pop songs, things work out well. Elsewhere, “NYC Washington DC//I’m Hurtin’” isn't much more than a droning note with mumbled conversation tucked into the sonic distance. In any case, if you’re into low-quality recordings with high-quality spirit, Recreator is well worth a listen. 3 out of 5.

Velocirapture plays Flicker Theatre & Bar on Wednesday, May 15.