March 6, 2013

Murk Daddy Flex: Third Compilation

Independent Release

murk daddy flex.jpg

In what seems like an attempt to further embarrass the Athens music scene, Murk Daddy Flex has quietly released yet another compilation, his third in the past four months. The story that surrounds Terence Chiyezhan is fodder for the fan dying for compelling narrative accompaniment: the humble musician, toiling away in Audacity on beats he performs live with cardboard boxes disguised as turntables, occasionally adorning a Scooby-Doo mask.

The third Flex compilation provides a steady diet of ethereal smoke cloaking the insistent pulse of  smart hip-hop beats, music content to linger in the background, melting away but never succumbing to the irrelevance of complete relaxation. Chiyezhan's sample-based work creates a ghostly experience, as the listener hazily stumbles around in what feels like the lively, abandoned ballroom from The Shining.

The meeting of the distant, elegant twinkles of sepia-tinged samples and the guiding foreground of stuttering percussion evokes clichéd dreams of Parisian strolls at night, the soothing calm of Ella Fitzgerald sending out a calling card to Captain Murphy.

Stream/download Third Compilation on Bandcamp. Murk Daddy Flex plays the Georgia Theatre on Wednesday, Mar. 27.