February 7, 2013

Les Anderson: EP

Independent Release

Pretty much everything you need to know about local musician Les Anderson can be found on his Bandcamp page. A Polaroid-quality photo of a '90s-era BMW in the setting sun adorns the album cover of Les Anderson’s EP and screams of the nostalgia relayed by the pink racing stripes that color Anderson’s band logo.

The music sounds like sitting in a "Cruisin’ USA" arcade cabinet, a distinctively '80s arcade sound slowed down, its rainbow brightness melted down into a chillwave package that would make Ernest Greene proud. Reverberated synths glide along, hover and dance with staccato electronic drum machines.

It’s a patient progression, as if Anderson is in no rush to make a move, content to sit back and allow each idea to play itself out. You can almost hear the teenage girls laughing in the background of this neon throwback. It’s a soundtrack fit for a cassette tape, a three-song EP ready to take up residence in your collection between Duran Duran and A Flock of Seagulls.