February 6, 2019

Flagpole's Choose Your Own Interpol Adventure

Tuesday, Feb. 12 @ 40 Watt Club

Interpol’s sixth studio album, Marauder, retains the acclaimed indie-rock group’s signature sound, but recalls a time before its formation with its analog style. Tracked to tape, Marauder avoids heavily produced sheen in favor of a more organic sound. While exploring the concept of free thought—one of the album's recurring themes—listeners meet the character of the Marauder, a charismatic wanderer with his eyes on the end of time. Exercise your agency and chart your own meandering path through Athens below to get a personalized song recommendation—and perhaps meet the titular character.

1. The evening has just begun, and you’re itching to leave your apartment. Your friends haven’t responded about hanging out, so you’ll be striking out on your own. You decide to:

A: Head out and let something find you. You choose to partake in the night. (Go to No. 2.)

B: Head to Ciné. You’d rather be an observer tonight. (Go to No. 3.)

2. The crisp air of approaching night knocks you as you step outside. Zipping up your jacket, you start walking down Pulaski without regard for where you’re headed. You:

A: Keep straight on toward downtown. There’s more happening there. (Go to No. 4.)

B: Veer left and make off toward the Oconee River. If no one is free, you might as well go exploring. (Go to No. 5.)

3. The dimming light of day cuts off behind you as you enter Ciné. Having come spur of the moment, you have no idea what’s playing, so you head to the posters. Two movies are starting shortly, and you decide to get a ticket for:

A: The desert adventure. (Go to No. 6.)

B: The space drama. (Go to No. 7.)

4. You reach downtown and see a small group clustered around a man on the Hot Corner. You approach the end of the block, but before you can hear what he’s saying, passersby skirting around the group suggest he’s some sort of preacher. You:

A: Give in to your curiosity and walk over to listen. (Go to No. 8.)

B: Decide it’s time to cross the street. You duck into Flicker, where you spot a friend and head over to sit with them. (Your song: “Number 10”)

5. After a walk that’s longer than you remember, you make it down to the greenway. The horizon hasn’t swallowed the sun whole yet, but it’s getting darker. You:

A: Spot a misshapen tree and plunk down to watch the fading sky and its reflection on the still water. (Your song: “Mountain Child”)

B: Pick your way to the river’s edge. You know the area well—what’s the harm besides a few stray sticks in your shoes? (Your song: “NYSMAW”)

6. Your eyes start to droop as the vast desert backdrop hypnotizes you. The lead character enters a dusty bar, and he abruptly turns to look straight at you. “Are you awake?”

A: Well, if you hadn’t been, you were now. You sit up and tentatively respond to the massive screen. “Yes?” There’s a beat, and then he turns away. (Go to No. 9.)

B: No—you’d definitely drifted off and missed the climactic fourth-wall break. (Go to No. 10.)

7. At first, you feel like you’re flying along with the crew as they head toward Jupiter, but you start losing track of the plot as the film slips toward surrealism and the timeline falls into question. You make a bet with yourself about the ending and guess that:

A: The leading pair gets separated and one is left behind. (Your Song: “If You Really Love Nothing”)

B: You’re seeing clips of two expeditions—one that’s happening now and one that ended poorly. (Your Song: “It Probably Matters”)

8. You quickly realize that he’s not a preacher in the typical sense. The man is connecting aliens, ancient buildings, and Adam and Eve. He has a dynamic personality:

A: But you determine this isn’t your taste, and you head off to find something more your style. (Your song: “The Rover”)

B: And you decide to stay for a few minutes to see if you can make sense of his “guidance.” (Your song: “Stay in Touch”)

9. You laugh at yourself as the character begins to address the bar’s occupants. He’s dazed from wandering through the desert, and the film begins to reflect his mind’s distortions. You:  

A: Let your eyes blur and focus on the music pouring out of the fictional bar’s jukebox. (Your song: “Complications”)

B: Resist the screen’s trance and focus on dissecting what the character’s saying. (Your song: “Flight of Fancy”)

10. You’re dozing as the lead character gives his monologue, but something in the soundtrack rouses you. You:

A: Are disoriented. Slightly annoyed, you’ll complain later to your friends. (Your song: “Surveillance”)

B: Are startled. A sense of urgency grips you, and you’re pulled back into the film. (Your song: “Party’s Over”)


  • Tuesday, February 12

    40 Watt Club

    7 p.m. SOLD OUT.

    Interpol, Sunflower Bean

    INTERPOL Acclaimed New York City indie-rock band led by songwriter Paul Banks. 

    SUNFLOWER BEAN Psychedelic-leaning post-punk revivalists from Brooklyn, NY.