December 28, 2016

Seven Shows to See New Year's Eve Weekend

Photo Credit: Ben Rouse

of Montreal

Ready to tell 2016 to suck a duck? Here are some recommended shows for New Year’s Eve weekend to help you shake it off and get shook up:

George and Rayvon Pettis
Friday, Dec. 30 @ The World Famous

Georgia expat George Pettis, known as 100 Watt Horse, is swinging through town on a stripped-down tour also featuring his brother Rayvon, an alt-country artist from Nashville. Jianna Justice will perform, too, as will the mighty Semicircle.

Theo Grizol
Friday, Dec. 30 @ Go Bar

For his annual holiday-time show, former Athenian and celebrated pop-punker Theo Grizol has helped organize a night of music to benefit the Laura Conroy Memorial Fund. The show will also feature Shark Shark, Gift Economy and a late-night set from DJ Mahogany.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, Dec. 31 @ Hodgson Hall

Feeling classy? Get your black tie on with the ASO’s New Year’s Eve show at the Performing Arts Center on campus. The 90-minute concert starts at 7 p.m., so there’ll still be time to pound a few shots at Max before the ball drops.

of Montreal
Saturday, Dec. 31 @ 40 Watt Club

The psych-pop party’s going down Saturday night at the 40 Watt, where local legends of Montreal will ring in the new year with their garish glam. Electropop dudes Yip Deceiver and DJ Princess will also perform.

The Highballs
Saturday, Dec. 31 @ The Foundry

The NYE favorite for local folks of a certain age, The Highballs’ reverent takes on various pop and new wave classics never fail to impress. Trump’s America promises to have an ’80s vibe, so here’s one way to steel yourself for 2017 and beyond.

Booty Boyz
Saturday, Dec. 31 @ Georgia Theatre

If you just wanna dance the year away, head to the Theatre for “New Rear’s Eve,” featuring block-rockin’ beats from the Boyz and a set from emo DJ My Chemical Bromance.

Saturday, Dec. 31 @ Caledonia Lounge

For cover bands, look no further than the Caledonia, where the eardrum-menacing Heerdoof (Deerhoof) and Nairvana (c’mon, you got this) will make you feel like you’re watching the real thing.