February 13, 2013

Four More Musical Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Merle Haggard

There are infinite other ways to spend Feb. 14 with the one you love (or the one you're hoping to love, if you catch my drift). But why would you want to do anything besides catch a concert? Here are four possibilities for your V-Day night.

1. Merle Haggard @ Classic Center
What song says "I love you" better than "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down?" The answer, of course, is most songs. Still, don't miss your chance to see the country legend in the flesh at one of the grandest venues in town.

2. The Powder Room, Vincas, Shaved Christ, Muuy Biien @ 40 Watt Club
A "4 on the Floor" for those who'd rather showve a fat middle funger in Cupid's stupid face. Ideal for single dudes and grungy ladies, or folks simply looking to subvert the Hallmark machine.

3. Ponderosa, Party Dolls, Blue Blood @ Caledonia Lounge
The Atlanta-based Southern rockers headline a bill that also features the debut of local supergroup Party Dolls (members of The District Attorneys, The Breaks, Tedo Stone and Crooked Fingers). Hunter Morris' promising new group Blue Blood, also just getting its feet wet, opens.

4. The Athens A-Train Band @ Melting Point

If you're into a tamer, more typically romantic sort of Valentine's Day. Plus, if you're really feeling randy, there are rooms available right next door.