Noise-Rock Supergroup Crazy Doberman Plays The World Famous Thursday

Under the direction of brass player Drew Davis and reeds player Tim Gick, Crazy Doberman unleashes an industrial-grade ambiance built upon the naturally dark resonance that occurs when horns, electronics, steel chains and an occasional cement mixer collide.

The large unit, featuring John Olson (aka Inzane_Johnny of Wolf Eyes), Aaron Zernack, Jason Filer, Jessica Billey, John Dawson, Jordan Allen, Landon Caldwell, Mark Tester, Paul Baldwin and Zeno Ben-Amotz, swan dives into free-form improvisation, summoning a deeply psychedelic and meandering—sometimes terrifying—mass of aural textures.

For more, press play on the group’s Free LSD LP released this year by L.A.’s Radical Document label. This music is bewitching, glacial, and not for the faint of heart.

Atlanta journeyman Frank Hurricane joins the bill Thursday, Sept. 20 at The World Famous alongside Athens’ resident drone, minimalism and avant-garde musical luminaries The Electric Nature, (aka Michael Potter of Null Zone Tapes), and American primitive guitarist Jacob Sunderlin.