July 25, 2018

Unfriended: Dark Web Review

Colin Woodell

This more-than-adequate melding of found footage, real time and technology self-corrects its predecessor by seeking the R rating the first film avoided and dropping the ghost from its machine. Sure, well-informed horror fans know Zachary Donohue got here first with 2013’s underrated The Den, but Donohue did not have the backing of horror power Blumhouse behind him to guarantee the wide release his film unfairly never had. 

Written and directed by The Grudge’s Stephen Susco, Dark Web starts on the desktop of Matias O’Brien (Colin Woodell), who soon joins his friends for a virtual game night. Too bad Matias got his new computer from the lost and found at his local cybercafé. Its previous owner is a bad dude who kidnaps young women for profit, selling videos of their torture and demise for bitcoins. Now, Matias, his deaf girlfriend (Stephanie Nogueras) and five best pals are in real-life danger if the hooded killer does not get his laptop back. 

As already mentioned, Dark Web breaks no new ground but is a serviceable modern techno-slasher. Still, the movie will watch just as well streaming on your monitor in a few months, when you may want to keep glancing over your shoulder at the bedroom door, even if you do know better. It should also be noted that the movie has apparently been released to theaters with two endings, so if you hate how it ends, you must have seen the version I did not.