October 19, 2016

Kevin Hart: What Now? Review

Kevin Hart

I like Kevin Hart a lot. He has made me laugh more at undeserving movies than anyone since his Get Hard co-star Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller. However, I admit to lacking a bit in the enjoyment of stand-up comedy, so I was torn about Hart’s new movie documenting his world-record-setting Philadelphia show, where he sold out a football stadium. 

Inexplicably, Hart employs a narrative frame parodying a James Bond movie. Directed by Fantastic Four helmer Tim Story, the “Casino” segment is peppered with cameos (Don Cheadle is one of the film’s highlights), blood and Halle Berry; the Maurice Binder-inspired opening credits are certainly the film’s most creative sequence. 

Unfortunately, it lacks laughs. When Hart finally starts his stand-up routine, the energy is much more prevalent than the humor. One would imagine a comic trotting out his biggest, funniest guns for such a massive show, but Hart seems content in going for the safe, little laughs in bits about a perverted raccoon and pooping at the airport. 

Hart is such an infectious performer that even his lesser jokes should provoke giggles, but he fails to go for the big, killing joke. Hart fans will not be disappointed, but What Now? is no Delirious or Raw. It is a pleasant hour and a half consistently filled with giggles; just don’t go in expecting belly laughs.