February 10, 2016

Sisters Review

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Seven years is too long to wait for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to co-headline a movie. Their follow-up to 2008’s Baby Mama allows the actresses to switch personas—this time, Fey is the less put together of the duo and Poehler the straight one—as sisters Kate and Maura Ellis. When these still not quite grown-ups learn their parents (James Brolin and Dianne Wiest) plan to sell their childhood home in Orlando, the sisters revisit their high school days by throwing a wild party with their old school pals (including Maya Rudolph, “The Mindy Project”’s Ike Barinholtz, Jon Cena, John Leguizamo, Bobby Moynihan, Rachel Dratch and Samantha Bee). 

The movie is funny as expected, though that word may be the problem. Everything that happens is expected. Now that Fey and Poehler are together again on the big screen, they need to find a behind-the-camera collaborator worthy of them. Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore and first-time feature writer Paula Pell cannot muck up the star duo’s chemistry, but they add very little. Get these women a collaborator à la Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig and get ready to die laughing. Sisters won’t kill you, but you should still laugh a lot.