July 29, 2015

The Overnight

Movie Review

Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling

Some small comic gems deserve a wider audience than they will ever receive. The Overnight may be one of those comedies, but its mysterious central conceit might be a bit too out-there for the mainstream audiences that discover it. A couple, Alex and Emily (Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling), lament that their recent move to Los Angeles has left them bereft of friends. One day at the park, their son, R.J., befriends another boy, Max; Max’s dad, Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), comes over and eventually invites the couple to dinner. So begins a long, strange night filled with misconceptions, misrepresentations and fake penises.

Writer-director Patrick Brice’s other feature, Creep, recently hit Netflix, and both share a common DNA strand of strange. (Creep, a horror-comedy costarring Mark Duplass, is worth watching.)

Are Kurt and his French wife, Charlotte (Judith Godrèche), merely loose, hip Los Angelenos or is something more sinister at play? Brice balances the mystery with the comedy and sprinkles in loads of the off-color humor that is becoming more and more of a cinematic staple in the post-Judd Apatow romcom world. The tremendously appealing cast, especially Schwartzman, have a blast, and so will any audiences brave enough to spend the night.