November 16, 2016

Cloud Recordings Festival

Friday, Nov. 18 @ Flicker Theatre & Bar

Photo Credit: Ally Burnett

Claire Cronin

For this year’s installment of his label’s annual festival, Cloud Recordings head John Fernandes is paring things down a bit, from a multi-venue/multi-day affair to a one-night-only engagement at Flicker. But the selection of performers is top-notch as always, representing some of Fernandes’ favorite local artists. The lineup skews towards the moody and meditative, with psych-raga dudes Naan Violence headlining the evening; Athens transplant Jacob Sunderlin perfuming a set of his hypnotic guitar drone; poet and singer-songwriter Claire Cronin teaming up with collaborator Ezra Buchla; and Fernandes partnering with son Kiran for an experimental, instrumental set to kick things off.


  • Friday, November 18

    Flicker Theatre & Bar

    Cloud Recordings Festival. 9 p.m. $5.

    Naan Violence, Jacob Sunderlin, Claire Cronin, John and Jeremy Fernandes

    NAAN VIOLENCE Psychedelic sitar sounds from musician Arjun Kulharya. See Calendar Pick on p. 17.

    JACOB SUNDERLIN Local musician who incorporates elements of noise, folk, ambient and drone.

    CLAIRE CRONIN & EZRA BUCHLA Singer and poet Cronin plays delicate folk music, paired with Buchla's haunting instrumentals. 

    JOHN & KIRAN FERNANDES Father and son team up for an experimental instrumental set.