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  • In the Loop: Commission Temporarily Bans Demolitions in Two Athens Neighborhoods


    Photo Credit: Austin Steele/file

    The possibility that the house at 398 Milledge Circle would be demolished galvanized neighbors to seek a historic district.

    During a contentious four-hour called meeting Tuesday night, the Athens-Clarke County Commission approved moratoriums on demolitions and some construction on Milledge Circle and Castalia Avenue in Five Points and in the West Hancock neighborhood.

    Both moratoriums apply demolitions and changes to facades and rooflines for one year while neighborhood residents, county planners and commissioners study ways to protect those neighborhoods' historic character. But they allow interior renovations and add-ons to the backs of homes, in an effort to appease opponents who are planning improvement projects.

    On Milledge Circle, residents are fighting to stop homebuyers from tearing down historic residences to build larger suburban-style houses—which they said has happened three times already and could happen again at 398 Milledge Circle.

    "You come to realize Athens has been at the center of a demolition derby, so to speak," Milledge Circle resident and historic preservation professor John Waters said. "You don't know what to expect next door to your property, or what it's going to do to your quality of life."


  • In the Loop: As Trump Is Inaugurated, Protesters and Police Clash


    Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 5.57.35 PM.png

    Photo Credit: Baynard Woods

    Police use tear gas against protestors at President Trump's inauguration in Washington, D.C.

    Dozens of police officers with shields and batons and big canisters of tear gas and pepper spray stand in lines block off the corner at 12th and Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. gripping their batons and big canisters of pepper spray, faces obscured behind shields, as nearly 100 activists who had already been arrested are cordoned off behind them, waiting to be processed.

    Protesters line the other side of the street. More and more arrive, chanting, yelling. “Let them go!”

    A trial of pink smoke cuts through the air. There is the sound of a flashbang grenade and several officers open up with long orange streams of chemical warfare pepper spray.

    “Because, today… we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.”


  • In the Loop: Thousands March Against Trump in Downtown Athens



    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

    Jesse Houle fires up the crowd at the City Hall before the march starts.

    On an unseasonably warm night for mid-January, a makeshift band, giant bird puppets and a crowd of thousands gathered around Athens City Hall in protest of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump, filling in every inch of space from Washington Street to Hancock Avenue and from College Avenue to the City Hall doors.

    At what might be the largest march in Athens history, the Day of Resistance drew an estimated 2,500–4,500 attendees, according to Athens for Everyone, who helped organize it.

    While the march was organized in response to the inauguration of Trump, it was not specific to one cause. Speakers included representatives from U-Lead Athens, an organization for undocumented students; The Cottage, a nonprofit that assists sexual assault survivors; Students for Justice in Palestine and Athens for Everyone.


  • In the Loop: Get Ready for Snowpocalypse 2017


    Good thing they finally built the Brain Train, amirite?

    The latest forecast from the National Weather Service predicts a mix of rain and sleet tonight and 1–3 inches of snow Saturday morning in Athens.

    The UGA campus will close at 3:30 p.m., meaning all classes and other activities are canceled, and faculty and staff can go home early. Campus Transit shuts down at 4:30 p.m. The men's basketball game Saturday and the women's basketball game Sunday are still going on as planned, for the moment. Check here for updates.


  • In the Loop: Tornado Watch Issued for Clarke County



    Photo Credit: Justin Hobson

    A tornado in Manitoba, Canada in 2007.

    The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Clarke County until 3:15 p.m. and a tornado watch until 6 p.m.

    A tornado was seen near Winder at 2:42 p.m., prompting the NWS to issue the warning for Clarke, Barrow and Jackson counties as a storm system moves in from Atlanta.

    The NWS urged everyone in that area to take cover by moving to the basement or an interior first-floor room, or taking shelter if outdoors.

    In addition to Clarke, the tornado watch—meaning a tornado is possible but hasn’t been spotted—also covers Jasper, Hall, Morgan, Banks, Jackson, Madison and Oconee counties.

    Showers and thunderstorms are likely until 10 p.m.


  • In the Loop: No, Athens Is Not on Fire


    Photo Credit: Duluth Police Department

    Firefighters battle a forest fire in North Georgia.

    You've probably noticed that Athens is smoky as hell today. Nothing's on fire—at least not locally. Shifting winds are blowing in smoke from several major forest fires in Tennessee and North Georgia.


  • In the Loop: Trump Protesters Gather at the Arch

    trump protest 11:9 JLJ 2.jpg

    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

    About 60 protesters gathered at the Arch Wednesday night to express their opposition to President-elect Donald Trump (it's gonna weird writing that for a while). They were joined by Trump-supporters counter-protesters as well as a number of onlookers, the Red & Blackreports.

    Meanwhile, the Athens Banner-Herald describes local Republicans as "excited but cautious" about a Trump presidency.

    Flagpole photographer Joshua L. Jones documented the scene at the Arch Wednesday night.


  • In the Loop: Where to Get Drunk and Watch the Election Results

    via GIPHY

    Whether in despair or in triumph, you will be drinking tonight. Here's where to do it.

    For Democrats: The Clarke County Democratic Committee will be watching results at Southern Brewing Co. It’s free, but a brewery tour that includes 36 ounces of beer samples is $12.

    For Republicans: The Athens GOP is hosting its viewing party at Locos on Barnett Shoals Road.


  • In the Loop: Reminder: Early Voting Is Underway



    Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones

    In case you haven't noticed, there's an election coming up, and not a moment too soon. Early voting started Monday at the ACC Board of Elections office and runs through Friday, Nov. 4.

    As you can see from the photo above, there have been long lines already, even though early voting doesn't tend to pick up until closer to Election Day. People must be hyped about choosing between Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich. (Actually, the Athens Banner-Heraldreports that people just want to get it over with so they can preserve what's left of their sanity by ignoring the news for the next three weeks.)


  • In the Loop: Gov. Deal Orders Georgia Coast Evacuated as Hurricane Matthew Approaches


    Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered more than half a million coastal Georgia residents to evacuate as Hurricane Matthew approaches.

    The mandatory evacuation order applies to everyone in Bryan, Chatham, Liberty, McIntosh, Glynn and Camden counties who lives east of I-95. Another 30 southeast Georgia counties are urged to voluntarily evacuate.

    Eastbound lanes on I-16 between Savannah and Dublin have been reversed. All lanes are now westbound.


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