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  • Homedrone: SXSW: Trade Show Swag Central, Highlights New Gadgets

    Lest SXSW be confused as a pack of bands all vying for media attention, the trade show in Austin’s Convention Center (the home base for all things SXSW) offered festival-goers the opportunity to check out the latest gadgets and products on the market. 



  • Homedrone: SXSW: Jason Isbell Plays Stripped Down Set With New Material


    Although he might be cursed with being “that guy who used to be in Drive-By Truckers,” Jason Isbell’s solo output has been deserving of praise for quite some time. At his first of a few shows at SXSW this year, Isbell made good use of his time by playing a handful of songs acoustically and without any pretense. Amanda Shires, Isbell’s fiddle-slaying new wife, helped to turn rock-centric songs into intimate sing-alongs that made the large crowd feel rather small.


  • Homedrone: SXSW in Photos: Divine Fits, Japandroids, Surfer Blood and More

    Click through for photos from last night's Viceland showcase.


  • Homedrone: SXSW: Rob Zombie Talks New Film, Mood Music

    rob zombie.jpg

    At this point, Rob Zombie’s film career has lasted as long as the band that launched him into popular consciousness. While White Zombie might be long gone, fans of Rob’s work can take solace in knowing that his newest film, Lords of Salem, is just over a month away from being released. Zombie joined film and music geeks alike for a conversation about the film’s production, ultimately telling aspiring artists not to worry about pleasing everyone and that “going unconventional” is sometimes a bold but necessary move.


  • Homedrone: New Madrid SXSW Tour Blog: Day 1

    Flagpole kicks off SXSW week with part one of a tour blog from local rockers New Madrid. Look for photos and festival recaps every day this week.

    Parkside Ben.JPG

    So, we’ve hit the long road west for the first time as a band. Destination: Austin, TX. We left Athens Saturday afternoon, en route to Birmingham, AL’s Parkside Café. Passing through Atlanta was really as it always was. Rolling along I-20, our U-Haul trailer started spitting sparks. A fellow traveler looked at us slack-jawed and eventually mouthed through her window a bewildered warning. All in all, we made it to “The Magic City” in one piece.

    This was our first time this year to play outside. The weather was right. The seasons seem to be settling past their schizophrenic leanings. Probably not, though. The stage at Parkside overlooks a back patio area that is warmly lit, with bulbs strung all around. A rock garden of sorts with an Airstream in the back. Trees were growing out of the patio. Some Stereolab pumping through the bar’s sound system was an all too perfect continuation of the car ride.


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