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  • In the Loop: Rep. Jody Hice Town Hall Draws 100 People and a Chicken, but No Hice



    Photo Credit: Stacey-Marie Piotrowski

    ACC Commissioner Melissa Link with our congressman's feathered avatar.

    On one of the busiest spring Saturdays in Athens, 100 people attended a town hall for District 10 congressman Jody Hice. The one notable absence was Hice himself.

    Michael Goltzer of Athens was one of several people who addressed a photo of Rep. Hice (R-Social Circle) propped up in a chair on the stage of the Athens Regional Library on Apr. 22. He pointed out that the town hall was the most basic form of democratic conversation and lamented Hice’s refusal to engage with his constituents.

    “Just tell us what we have to do to get you to meet with us,” he said.


  • In the Loop: Allen West at UGA: U.S. Is Facing 'Civilization Jihad'



    Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

    Allen West speaks at CPAC in 2013.

    Former Florida congressman, tea party star and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Allen West was at the University of Georgia on Tuesday to talk about “the war on radical Islam,” embracing President Trump’s travel ban from certain Muslim nations while criticizing U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East dating back to the 1970s.

    West began by reading 1786 letter written by John Adams and Thomas Jefferson about the Barbary Pirates off North Africa to describe a long, contentious relationship between America and Islam.

    This was part of a highly-rehearsed presentation, noted one student who said he has seen West speak before. West was “painting a picture of ‘us versus them’” by tracing the history of an entire religion back to terrorist group, the student said, and criticized him for seeming to lump all Muslims into the “extremist category.”

    West disagreed—it’s they who paint this picture, he said. “I’m not making any of this up. We’ve been dealing with this since 1786.”


  • In the Loop: Athens Man Attacked Downtown for Being Gay

    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.56.41 PM.png

    Photo Credit: Clarke County Sheriff's Office

    Chad Andrew Weaver.

    Athens-Clarke County police arrested a Gainesville man downtown early Saturday morning and charged him with beating up an Athens man who was dressed in women's clothing.

    Chad Andrew Weaver, 24, saw the victim on Clayton Street near Georgia Bar and called him a "faggot," according to a police report. After exchanging more words with the victim, Weaver punched him in the face. At one point, the 6' 5", 210-pound Weaver had the 5' 6" victim on the ground and was pulled off by a bystander, police said.


  • In the Loop: 500 Gather in Greensboro to Tell Off Trump to GOP Congressional Staffers



    Photo Credit: John Buckley

    GREENSBORO — A large crowd of energized and vocal opponents of the new administration’s policies attended Friday’s constituent service meeting in Greensboro, hosted by representatives of Rep. Jody Hice, a Republican who represents Athens, and the state’s two senators, Johnny Isakson and David Perdue. 

    Some were wearing the pink “pussy hats” worn during the recent wave of demonstrations in Washington and in cities across the country, and many held up hand-lettered signs. The room was packed, and most of the crowd—estimated by Greene County Sheriff Donnie Harrison at more than 500—was standing in the back and along the sides of the room.   

    After the staff members introduced themselves to the crowd, Josh Findlay, a Hice staffer, said that it was “the largest crowd we’ve ever had” at this kind of meeting. He then announced that due to the crowd size, meetings would be held individually in nearby private rooms. At this point people, in the crowd began booing loudly and howling that they wanted to be heard by the legislators’ surrogates, and sustained chants of “Hear our voice!” “Cowards!” and “This is what democracy looks like!” rang out.


  • In the Loop: UGA African Studies Institute Vandalized


    IMG_3060 (1).PNG

    Photo Credit: Tifara Brown/Facebook

    University of Georgia police were contacted Sunday afternoon after visitors on UGA’s North Campus noticed that an exterior glass door had been shattered at the African Studies Institute in the Holmes-Hunter Academic Building, named for the two black students who integrated the university in 1961.

    According to a statement released by UGA police, “the door was found to have damage to the lower half, consistent with being kicked.” The reporting officer contacted UGA Facilities Management Department to secure the door and clean up the glass. There was no other damage to the building.


  • In the Loop: Watch a Llama Run Free in Oconee County


    Photo Credit: Oconee County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

    The offending llama with Capt. David Hale, the Oconee County Sheriff's Office's "llama whisperer."

    Llama, llama ... Oconee Count-ah?

    The Peruvian pack animal caused a stir this afternoon when it was spotted running free through the rugged peaks of Epps Bridge Parkway.

    According to the Oconee County Sheriff's Office, they received a call around 4 p.m. that a "baby camel" was running loose around the busy commercial strip.


  • In the Loop: Drunk White People Downtown Love Them Some Donald Trump

    Trump smiling.jpg

    Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

    Georgia-based sketch comedy duo Home Brewed humor took to the streets of downtown Athens last weekend to interview drunk Auburn and Georgia fans about Donald Trump's win.

    The results were predictable but will nonetheless make you despair for your city, your school and (possibly) your race. Warning: Language is NSFW.


  • In the Loop: The ABH Has Endorsed Donald Trump


    trump yelling.jpg

    Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

    This is the man Athens Banner-Herald owners Billy and Will Morris think should be president.

    And what a great endorsement it was.

    Please don't put us in jail, Mr. President.


  • Homedrone: Is Jeff Mangum Dropping Hints About a New Neutral Milk Hotel Album?


    Photo Credit: Will Westbrook

    Could there be new Neutral Milk Hotel music on the way?

    According to a Reddit commenter who purchased some of Jeff Mangum's recent drawingsmaybe. The black-and-white artwork, titled "The Book Cipher Sings," appears to contain the phrase "double album" in various permutations.


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