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  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! murk daddy flex: 'Glass Music'

    mdf genesis.jpg

    It's no secret that we at Flagpole have a little critical crush on murk daddy flex, the hip hop producer alter ego of local musician Terence Chiyezhan. His first official full-length, MDF, landed at No. 2 on our 2013 Top 10 list. We asked him to play our AthFest showcase last summer. And we got all hot and bothered when he posted a couple teaser clips from his upcoming LP, Genesis, late last year. (That's the album cover above.)

    Now, we're tickled pink to provide an exclusive premiere of the first single from Genesis—which drops sometime this summer in CD and cassette form via Pizza Tomb Records—the utterly divine "Glass Music." The dense, immersive tune is a departure from mdf's prior work in tone and focus; where before there was tape hiss and muddied jazz samples, now there is booming low end and crystal-clear treble, well-placed empty space and earth-toned organics.

    Check out the song, and the album's tracklist, after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres!: Ruby the RabbitFoot, 'The Shelf'


    Photo Credit: Lindsay Chmura

    Folks who only know local songstress Ruby Kendrick—a.k.a. Ruby the RabbitFoot—from her 2012 debut, No Weight No Chain, will no doubt be surprised by New as Dew, the songwriter's upcoming Normaltown Records release, which displays a marked degree of maturity compared to its predecessor. 

    Back in January, we shared a taste of the new album in "Ways," the record's first single and video. Now, we're happy to premiere "The Shelf," the melodic, energetic second track fromNew as Dew. The song features a trenchant lyrical turn and a killer chorus that calls to mind the best of '90s alt-pop, and serves as a prime example of Kendrick's creative metamorphosis.

    Stream it after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres!: Katër Mass, 'Brain Dead'

    kater mass.jpg

    Katër Mass is set to release Circles, the follow-up to its 2012 debut [kaht-ur mahs], later this month via Added Warmth/Pizza Tomb. The album's 11 tracks will delight fans of the sneakily melodic strain of post-hardcore that emerged from the East Coast in the mid-'90s; Katër Mass' urgent, emotionally resonant brand of punk rock has more than a little bit in common with that of genre linchpins like Hot Water Music and Rise Against. In the local band's case, it's all offset by a gleefully goofy attitude that peeks through at unexpected moments but never distracts from the mission at hand.

    After the jump, check out an exclusive stream of "Brain Dead," the first track from Circles, which was recorded by Mike Albanese at local studio Espresso Machine and mastered by sound wizard Joel Hatstat. As an added bonus for longtime Flagpole readers, the song features the (unwitting and angry) vocal talents of a certain music columnist.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! Nicholas Mallis: 'Moonrise'

    nicholas mallis.jpg

    In addition to his work with locals Sam Sniper and The Viking Progress, Athens songwriter Nicholas Mallis is known for fronting the indie-folk outfit Yo Soybean, a band that dissolved late last year. Now, Mallis is striking out on his own, and offering up a taste of what folks can expect from his new project.

    After the jump, check out the exclusive premiere of the moody, melodic "Moonrise."


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres!: Four Eyes, 'Our Insides' Video

    four eyes matthew maccarthy.jpg

    Photo Credit: Matthew MacCarthy

    Erin Lovett

    Four Eyes, the Athens-based indie-pop project helmed by songwriter Erin Lovett, is gearing up to release a new album, Our Insides, which it will celebrate with a show at Flicker on Friday. The full-band record finds Lovett and company in excellent form, a leap forward from the group's twee-folk beginnings.

    Prior to the album's release, we're happy to premiere the gorgeously constructed music video for Our Insides' singalong title track. Watch it after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! Party Dolls: 'I Am Not the One You Love'

    party dolls brian manley.png

    Photo Credit: Brian Manley

    Party Dolls, an Athens/Atlanta pop-rock ensemble led by The District Attorneys' Drew Beskin and also featuring area notables Tedo Stone, Jeremy Wheatley, Walker Beard and Frank Keith IV, is gearing up to release its debut LP, Love Wars Baby. The album is filled with what Beskin calls "dark, honest, therapeutic and true" songwriting, personal tales of triumph and loss.

    The record, engineered by Keith at his home studio, is out Feb. 14 via This Is American Music, but you can get a sneak peek by streaming one of its tracks, the plaintive "I Am Not the One You Love," after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! WereWyatt: Fuck Depression


    Local songwriter Wyatt Strother is best known for fronting the poppy folk-punk band Werewolves, but while that group was on a yearlong hiatus, he hunkered down and wrote himself a solo record as WereWyattFlagpole is pleased to premiere the result, Fuck Depression, available today for the low price of $4 via Strother's Athens Horse Party label. (There's the cover art above.)

    Though album is officially a "solo" effort, it eschews the familiar trappings of that term in favor of a lush and layered sound featuring banjo, piano, horns, drums and much more. It also explodes with positive energy; like the title suggests, the record is a rejection of loneliness, an ode to stepping into the light.

    Stream it after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres: Like Totally!, 'Veggie Wrap' Video


    Local kindie rockers Like Totally! unleashed their debut LP, Good Mews, back in January. The album was chock-full of kid-friendly tunes that stood in awe of the many wonders of the world: rocketships, cookies, dolphins.

    Now, Flagpole is happy to premiere an exclusive new track—recorded at The Glow Studio—and an accompanying music video directed by Zach Cowan.

    Watch it after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! Hand Sand Hands: 'Before Home' Video

    hand sand hands.jpg

    Hand Sand Hands, the experimental pop project from local guy Jonathan Miller, releases its debut LP, Lord of Talk, on Oct. 12. (You can stream the whole thing here.) Today, we're excited to premiere a video for one of the album's tracks, the distorted, skittering "Before Home."

    Stream the video after the jump.


  • Homedrone: Flagpole Premieres! The New Sound of Numbers: 'Complete'

    new sounds.jpg

    Local post-punk/dance crew The New Sound of Numbers has been working on its new LP Invisible Magnetic for the better part of this year; back in March, we gave you a taste of the title track. Now, finally, the album is prepped for mass consumption, and the group will celebrate with a release show at Flicker Theatre & Bar tonight.

    Today, Flagpole is beyond excited to premiere an exclusive new tune from the record, which is out on local imprint Cloud Recordings. Below, stream "Complete," a joyous, psychedelic dance workout and Invisible Magnetic's second track.


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