January 22, 2013

Paul Broun Leaves Door Open to Run for Senate

paul broun.jpg

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun isn't saying he's running for Senate, but he's not saying he's NOT running for Senate.

Broun continued to play coy about challenging Sen. Saxby Chambliss in the 2014 Republican primary when WUAG 1340 AM's Tim Bryant pressed him on it this morning.

First try: "I'm honored that a lot of people have asked me to run and encouraged me to do so. I have not made that decision."

Second try: "I'm not really thinking about it a whole lot right now. (Editor's note: Yeah, right.) I've got a lot of other things to think about. It's really not the time to think about it, Tim."

Third try (apparently forgetting what he had said two minutes earlier): "When people ask you to run and encourage you to run, how can you not think about it?"

Another guest, David Johnson of the polling firm Strategic Vision, said Chambliss is vulnerable because the very ideological, active Republicans who tend to vote in primaries see him as being too open to compromise.

Broun also said that he'll oppose temporarily lifting the debt ceiling, as the GOP caucus is going to do later this week, and called for getting rid of the Department of Education.

He didn't attend the President Obama's inauguration for the second time. "I had a lot of folks who wanted my tickets, so no, I didn't go," he said.