November 12, 2012

Darwin for Congress

Tack on another 900 to Charles Darwin's vote total versus Paul Broun, and thousands of Georgians sign a petition asking the White House for permission to secede.

In addition to almost 4,000 voters in Athens, 908 Oconee County voters out of 16,643 cast ballots for Charles Darwin against U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, blogger Lee Becker reports.

We'll never know exactly how many votes Darwin received district-wide, though. The Secretary of State's office doesn't tabulate write-in votes, spokesman Christopher Perlera told Flagpole, and some counties aren't bothering to count them, since the late naturalist wasn't a registered candidate and thus was ineligible to win.

Broun visited a Morgan County church on Sunday, where he reiterated his belief in the Bible over the theory of evolution, but he didn't address the national controversy he sparked with those claims, according to the Athens Banner-Herald.

Becker also says that Mitt Romney won a higher percentage of votes in the OC than either Sen. John McCain or President George W. Bush. But Georgia was the second-most competitive state Romney won behind North Carolina.

(Here's a look at how many Oconee residents must be feeling right now.)

In other election-related news, Georgia Tipsheet reports that a combined 6,200 Georgians have signed two We the People petitions calling on the state to secede. The Obama Administration promises an official response to any petition with more than 25,000 online signatures.