February 14, 2013

Watch the Trailer for MUSICKLAND, a Documentary About Southern Bitch's Adam Musick

Above, check out the trailer for MUSICKLAND, an upcoming documentary about Adam Musick, the former Athenian best known for fronting the beloved local rock band Southern Bitch. A few years ago Southern Bitch was sidelined by a series of unfortunate events, and Musick and his bandmate wife, Wendy, moved to Virginia to farm on some family land, effectively ending their rock and roll dream, explains the film's website:

The farm is a success but the demanding lifestyle has taken him away from music. Adam hasn't written a song in years and hungers for the inspiration again. MUSICKLAND is a 45-minute documentary about Adam's one-year journey to return to music on his own terms and finish the solo album he left behind six years ago.

The filmmakers, Wake Forest MFA students Cameron Bargerstock and Jacob Rosdail, hope the film will be ready to screen by fall of this year, and are tentatively planning a series of Athens events, including a live show. Whether that will be an Adam Musick solo gig or a full-on Southern Bitch reunion, we'll have to wait and see.

Visit the film's Facebook page for more info.