July 25, 2013

Watch MTV's Athens-Based Web Pilot

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 12.19.05 PM.png

Remember when all those MTV cameras were filming you a few months ago? Turns out it was for a new web series—for the media giant's new MTV Other venture—called "This is the Place." The pilot episode, set in Athens, was posted today. Watch it below.

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It's a very MTV clip, what with the huge sans serif typography and smackable voiceover/host guy. But thankfully, our local scene gets some actual love beyond the typical hero worship: Reptar, Manray, Tunabunny, Muuy Biien and the now-defunct Grass Giraffes, among others, all get some deserved attention.

Two other shows, filmed in Denver and Minneapolis, were also posted on the MTV Other site. Read the description of the series from the press release below.

Want to be 'there' but can't move out of your house, your dorm, or your city? Are you too scared shit-less to be a pioneer in Detroit, or the next big thing out of Portland or Austin? This Is The Place takes care of all your inquisitive needs. We'll tell you what it's like, what the sounds are, where the kids eat, shop, what they wear, and what they look like. This Is The Place is the travel show completely rethought, centered on the music that drives each town's indie scene. We hire people that work and live and create within a specific scene to produce a one- off show for each city we 'visit.' That way we keep it local, which means we will have the best access to the real behaviors, sights and sounds of each location!