May 22, 2013

Watch this Short but Gripping Documentary on Dead Wood Guitars

dead wood.jpg

Jason Booth

This past January, local filmmaker Cartter Fontaine began filming local luthier Jason Booth of Dead Wood Guitars as he crafted a handmade guitar for local bluesman Rick Fowler. The resulting 14-minute documentary, which chronicles the entire process, from tree to tuning, is a fascinating and beautifully shot inside look at one man's commitment to his art.

It's also, in a way, a bittersweet meditation on the slow demise of American craftsmanship. But, y'know, as guitar porn. Watch below:

From the press release:

To mold a tree into a guitar, you start with a series of cuts, each one more detailed than the last. The result is a set of individually unique pieces all vital to the construction of the guitar. As each step in the process becomes more tedious and detailed, the approach to creating the guitar transforms from grit to beauty. Whether or not you are a fan of music or craftsmanship, to witness the skill and passion that Jason puts into each step is truly amazing.