October 16, 2014

UPDATE: The Bworst UGA Football Tribute Songs of 2014 So Far

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UPDATE: Given all that has transpired since I wrote this post, it's not surprising we've seen an few more gawful (great/awful) tribute tunes surface over the past week. Here's one, courtesy of UGA student John Hunter Bowen:

Original post below:

We're almost a month and a half into the Georgia football season, and for fans, there's plenty of reason to be optimistic. Despite a crushing week-two loss to South Carolina, the Dawgs are in the driver's seat in the SEC East; CMR and company might very well find themselves back in the Georgia Dome come December.

There's perhaps no UGA football tradition more indelible than the ill-considered and/or blatantly cash-grabby fan-made fight song, and so, nearing the season's midpoint, we thought it would be a good time to round up the best and worst—and bworst—tribute jams of the year so far.

First on the list is not a fan-made song per se, but rather a tune penned by freshman UGA running back Sony Michel, who records under the name FlyGuy2Stackz (and whose Twitter account appears to have been compromised). Michel's "UGA Anthem," which he dropped this spring, is actually pretty good, as these things go.

Less "good" in a conventional sense but equally compelling is Marietta artist Golden Boy (Fosspassin)'s practically titled "Georgia Bulldogs," which is insanely repetitive and vaguely disturbing. There are a couple lyrical gems, though ("I like to watch the touchdowns"). (Note: This song came out last year, but somehow escaped our notice until now. We'll count it.)

On the rock and roll side of things, we've got "Gurley's Gone," a country-inflected anthem courtesy of The Thrillhammers, known locally for their work with Redneck GReece. It's more or less what you'd expect given all that information. (Also, this song showed up in my inbox from sender "BOBO" with the subject line "GURLEY'S GONE!" and I literally panicked for a moment, like, OH FUCK SEARCH PARTY TIME. Turns out it wasn't that Bobo.)

The award for highest production value goes to Athens hip hop fixture Duddy Ken for his "Good to Be a Bulldog" video. If you want to see a bald, middle-aged Dawgs fan twerking on North Campus, go ahead and skip to the 1:10 mark. This song also has merch.

Finally, there is this gem—probably my favorite. Presented without further comment, here is Jayda Huckaby's "The Georgia Bulldogs My Song":

Know of any other new UGA tribute songs? Post the link in the comments below.