November 2, 2014

Natural Child Talks Music Row, 'Dumb and Dumber To'


Nashville is best known for Music Row-style country, but a burgeoning indie rock scene has been attracting national attention of late. Peace-punkers Natural Child are just one of the many bands from that contingent that have been tearing up the road with constant touring across the U.S. and the world.

“We sort of make a joke out of it on ‘Nashville’s a Groovy Little Town,’” says bassist Wes Traylor, on hailing from Music City. Still, the band insists audiences are responsive no matter where they are from, and that constant touring has kept them on even keel.

If the band’s latest album, Dancin’ with Wolves, is any indication, at least some of the Nashville country influence has made its way into the band's sound. On the record, you’ll find songs that equally invoke mid-'70s Rolling Stones and Waylon Jennings. If the sound isn’t as garage-rock as the band's back catalog, they say, that's because they decided to adapt to what they had been listening to at the time.

The group says they were dialed into big-band country music with a lot of layered sounds during the recording of Dancin' with Wolves. To accommodate the new aesthetic, the trio expanded to a five-piece and took on Nashville pedal steel player Luke Schneider and New Orleans-based keys wizard Benny Divine.

Natural Child also looks forward to the increased exposure they’ll receive from having one of their songs on the soundtrack for the upcoming Dumb and Dumber To. As the band tells the story, Jim Carrey is a friend, and mutual admiration made it possible. “Jim is a magic man both on and off screen, and really, he’s just great,” says Traylor.  

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