October 8, 2013

New of Montreal Out Today, Kevin Barnes Does Reddit AMA


Lousy With Sylvianbriar, the very good, garage-y new album from local psych-pop crew of Montreal, is out today via Polyvinyl. (Hear a track from the record here.) It's available on CD and LP and digital download (and also via Spotify and Soulseek and all those other quasi-legal outlets if you don't feel like paying but don't tell anyone).

Ahem. Speaking of the Internet. The band plays ye olde 40 Watt next Friday, Oct. 18, when it will kick off a monthlong U.S. tour, but you can get up close and digi-personal with showboat frontman Kevin Barnes as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 8) at 2 p.m. EST, when Barnes will participate in that most hyper-modern of conference calls: the Reddit AMA.

AMA, for those not in the loop, stands for "ask me anything," and it's basically the Internet in a nutshell: people oversharing and other people picking apart said overshares. Sometimes, it is used as a publicity tool. There's a famous-people version and a normal-people version. Usually, it's at least somewhat interesting. So, hop online and ask Barnes what the hell he was thinking with all that Georgie Fruit stuff.