August 14, 2014

Members of Futurebirds, The District Attorneys Pay Tribute to Whiskeytown at Green Room Tonight

strangers almanac.jpg

If you're a fan of Whiskeytown, the seminal but defunct Ryan Adams-led act from North Carolina, you're not alone amongst your fellow Athenians. Our little town boasts a rather sizeable and influential alternative country contingent; twangy rockers like Drive-By Truckers and, more recently, Futurebirds have even gone on to represent the Classic City on the national scene. 

Tonight at Green Room, several local musicians, including members of the aforementioned Futurebirds, as well as representatives from The District Attorneys, Woodfangs and Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy, will perform Whiskeytown's 1997 landmark Strangers Almanac in its entirety.

Writes AllMusic:

Regardless of its faults, Strangers Almanac captures Whiskeytown when they still had some business calling themselves a band rather than just Ryan Adams' backing musicians, and the glorious world-weariness of its best moments makes it a far more satisfying listen than most of what would follow once Adams struck out on his own

The show kicks off with a DJ set at 9 p.m., and the Whiskeytown tribute begins at 10. It's free to attend.