January 2, 2013

Low Yo Yo Stuff is For Sale

Owner Todd Ploharski announces plans to sell his downtown record store.

low yo yo.jpg

Owner Todd Ploharski has announced plans to sell his downtown record store, Low Yo Yo Stuff, to any buyer who agrees to "keep the store going."

From a post on the Low Yo Yo Facebook page:

"Have you ever wanted your very own record store? Perhaps some of you out-of-towners have been looking for a reason to move to Athens? Well you're in luck because--

Low Yo Yo Stuff is FOR SALE! Now!

After 18 years of affecting people's lives by providing a haven for music and music lovers, due to family commitments and other pressing matters, I can no longer devote the proper amount of time and attention that the store deserves. I would hate to see the store shut down after all the love and effort that has been put into it, and hopefully many of you feel the same way. That is why I am making this official call-out to try to find someone (or someones) to become the new owner and keep the store going! (with or without keeping the name --- you bought it, you can call it what you want) There is no strict or traditional protocol that needs to be followed to make the store yours, if you are interested contact me at and we can discuss a plan of action. Thank you very much etc.

If you are one of the thousands of people that have come by to say 'I'm so glad this store is here.' Then please do your part and pass this message along!"

The store, which reopened after a brief hiatus in the West Washington St. location that formerly housed X-Ray Cafe, has long been a haven for the experimental-minded among the local record-shipping sect. Here's hoping it finds a new owner who's committed to selling interesting music.