September 24, 2013

Jandek's Athens Show is Now Available on CD


Hands down, one of the biggest local shows of 2012 was reclusive sound wizard Jandek's appearance out at the Orange Twin Conservation Community. Last July, the Man from Corwood (who's actually, uh, from Texas) was joined by regional luminaries like Bradford Cox and Heather McIntosh for a weird and unforgettable performance.

Now, you can own a recording of that performance, courtesy of Corwood Industries, which has made several of Jandek's recent live recordings available for purchase. The pragmatically titled Athens Saturday, Corwood 0812, can be yours for the low price of $8 (EDIT: as commenter Sloan Simpson, who recorded the show, notes below, the album is a double-CD, so it'll run ya $12). And while you're at it, why don't you stock up on some more of Jandek's wares?

As always, shipping is paid for by the label, and the transaction will have to take place via snail mail, because that's how Corwood rolls. Send a check or money order to Corwood Industries, P.O. Box 15375, Houston, TX 77220 and wait by your mailbox for the sweet sounds to arrive.

Video below of my favorite Jandek tune, just 'cause.