July 25, 2013

R.I.P. Birdhouse Collection


It's better to burn out… Well, you know the rest. Word has come down from several members of local musicians' collective the Birdhouse Collection (read our recent feature story on the group) that the group has all but imploded.

The Birdhouse Bandcamp page features a message that reads, "The end. The music that is here will stay, new music will be elsewhere. This is not abandonment, it is progression."

But according to some members of the collective, the dissolution is less amicable than that statement would seem to indicate. "Lies finally surfaced" involving an unnamed collaborator, Muuy Biien/Cottonmouth/Pretty Bird member Jacob Deel told Flagpole in an email. 

It's unclear what the status on all the bands involved with the collective is. Pretty Bird, the avant-vocal group whose recent album HOUSE was a defining statement, is reportedly kaput. k i d s, who will soon tour with Black Kids, are very much still active.

Likewise, "Muuy Biien will continue," says Deel, although he and that band's frontman Josh Evans are reportedly soon to move to Atlanta. (Though it was one of the collective's anchor bands early on, Muuy Biien has only tangentially been involved with the Birdhouse of late.)

In our feature back in May, Gordon Lamb wrote:

Growing pains are normal for any artist, especially when the snowball really starts rolling, and there is no shortage of egos involved with the Birdhouse. "We get in arguments, like any intense relationship," says [k i d s' Jared] Collins.

Stream the Collection's final official release, Cottonmouth's Jay-Cub, below.