October 1, 2013

Here's Some More Video of Athens in the '90s

Another day, another time capsule. The video above comes from reader Chip Shirley, who says:

I shot and edited this as a 'would be' monthly TV show for a local Athens channel that went out of business just as I had it finished. For years I thought the files were corrupted and useless. I just discovered that it was my equipment for playback that was malfunctioning. For all the great Athens artists who let me record them I have this brief offering and great thanks. Hope you enjoy!

The charming but rather awkwardly edited 25-minute clip features footage of Widespread Panic's infamous "Panic in the Streets" concert, as well as music videos from Jucifer and Leguano and live footage of Empire State, the 8-Track Gorilla and an OTC/Melted Men collab. The full breakdown, courtesy of Shirley, is below:

2:16: Jucifer, 'Superman'
6:00: 8 Track Gorilla 'Mental Illness'
6:54: Pearce Williams, 'Sugarlump'
9:24: Street Girls
10:10: Harry Carry backstage at High Hat and DJ Darcy at GA Theater
10:45: Empire State at Team Clermont Prom
12:37: Widespread 'Panic in the Streets'
17:23: Leguano 'My Garage'
20:23: Brian 'On the Street'
20:43: Melted Men and Olivia Tremor Control 'Italian Seaside Ice Jester' a capella'

Cue nostalgia train in 3, 2, 1…