August 12, 2014

Yes, That's Ruby the RabbitFoot Holding Hands With Macklemore in This Music Video

ruby mack.jpg

Seattle band Fences unveiled a music video for their song "Arrows" yesterday. The tune features Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which in and of itself is not news, even if we gave a hoot; all those folks have worked together before. 

But Athens residents watching the clip were surprised to see a familiar face among the highly stylized, Wes Anderson-like sets and confusing circus imagery. Yes, that's local singer-songwriter Ruby Kendrick—aka Ruby the RabbitFoot—holding hands with Mr. 'More in the still above.

Kendrick is tight-lipped on how, exactly, she ended up playing the popular rapper's bae in the video, which already has close to 200,000 views on YouTube, writing only, "They found me online :) Asked me to be in it."

Asked to elaborate, she doesn't offer much more. "I'm very grateful for the experience," she says. "Working on a project of that size was really inspiring and I hope to do it again."

Macklemore also expressed his gratitude towards Kendrick on Twitter yesterday.

Read our March cover story on Ruby the RabbitFoot here, and watch the video below: