August 15, 2016

Here's a Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Replace DJ Mahogany's Ruined Equipment


No local DJ is as well-known or well-loved as Mark Weathersby, aka DJ Mahogany, a medical professional by day who spends nearly every weekend spinning funk, soul, disco and more of his favorite sounds at various downtown spots (most frequently Go Bar and Little Kings). So it was a blow to the entire music community when some of Mahogany's equipment was recently ruined after a careless dancer spilled an unidentified beverage all over his setup.

Flagpole has launched an investigation into who, exactly, was responsible for spilling that drink.* In the meantime, you can help Mahogany get his groove back by donating to this crowdfunding campaign, which was set up by a friend.

Says the site:

DJ Mahogany has done so much for the Athens community, and has reached into so many of the diverse scenes here, and has been a loving, caring, and supportive friend to many of us. Let's get him back his DJ unit so that he may continue to provide the late dance nights, the brunches, the fundraisers, and the energy we have all come to cherish, yeah!?

As of this writing, the campaign is a mere $200 short of its $900 goal, so it looks like the dance parties will continue. Mahogany's next scheduled to perform Aug. 27 for Project Safe's Groovy Nights benefit at the 40 Watt Club.

UPDATE: The campaign's fundraising goal has been met.

*Not really. But maybe we should?