April 1, 2013

Help New Sound of Numbers Press New Vinyl

The use of Kickstarter and its ilk has become such a widespread tool for bands that it's hardly news anymore when a group embarks on an online fundraising campaign to put out this or that record, to finish this or that documentary. And it wouldn't be an overstatement to say the system is often abused, what with every Joe Schmo on the block seemingly begging an invisible fanbase for $3,000 to properly record his debut album of polka-tinged Ween covers.

That said, local post-punk dance crew New Sound of Numbers is awesome and unique and totally deserving of your money. Incidentally, they've recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to put out their uipcoming album, Invisible Magnetic, on super-cool translucent blue vinyl. As with most of these things, there are some cool rewards promised to those who donate various amounts, including lots of handmade art courtesy of NSoN frontwoman Hannah Jones.

As of this writing, the band is well on its way to the $2,500 goal they've set for themselves, but there are still plenty of opportunities to donate. Check out the video for the record's title track above, and download it for free on Bandcamp to get a taste of what the album's all about.