January 30, 2014

Hear New Music from Lowdive, Shade, Hot Fudge

Bored at work? Need some of that sweet new Athens music to help you cope with the crushing monotony of day-to-day life? You're in luck, 'cause we've compiled three of the best new local releases into one handy blog post. Dig in below.


Hot Fudge

Who knew ska was still a thing? Besides being probably the only rudeboys in town, the dudes that make up Lowdive are also among the most talented and committed local musicians, and the group's upcoming album, RudeGirl (out Feb. 26), is a fun and energetic testament to that fact. Stream the record's first single, "So Glad," below.

Pipe Dream, the long-awaited debut LP from local post-punk groove-monsters Shade, has finally arrived, and it's a beast. Will Cash's ginormous, fuzzed-out bass leads and drummer Al Daglis' rhythmic persistence are the perfect anchor for frontwoman Phelan Lavelle's snakelike guitar lines and cryptographic vocals. It's stoned and steady. Stream it below.

Speaking of long-awaited, the debut album from psych-rockers Hot Fudge is in the proverbial can and scheduled for a spring release. You can have a little taste of what's in store by streaming the first single, the manic and melodious "To Be One Ask One," below. Hot Fudge plays the Caledonia Lounge Friday with Faster Circuits and Motherfucker. Now that's a bill.