December 10, 2013

Hear New Music from Gyps, Who Don't, murk daddy flex

Bored at work? Need some of that sweet new Athens music to help you cope with the crushing monotony of day-to-day life? You're in luck, 'cause we've compiled three of the best new local releases into one handy blog post. Dig in below:

Xander Witt is best known as the bassist for local rabblerousers Muuy Biien. But, like that band's frontman Josh Evans, Witt spends his free time delving into solo drone and ambient work. Unlike Evans' bleak, dense soundscapes, Witt's work as Gyps is patient, airy and melodic, recalling early Boards of Canada but without the beats. His latest, Mine, was mastered by local sound wizard Terence Chiyezhan.

Speaking of Chiyezhan, his murk daddy flex project continues to be just about the greatest thing in Athens, and judging by these two frankly stunning teaser tracks from an upcoming full-length called Genesis, mdf will soon take over the whole goddamn world.

Finally, here's a nice bit of garbled weirdness courtesy of local musician Brent Blalock, whom folks will remember from his time spent with long-lost sludge-metal duo Marriage. Who Don't? sounds absolutely nothing like that band. Instead, Blalock and his motley crew of collaborators mash up surfy rhythms and monster-movie ghoulishness with chunky industrial-rock, all filtered through a bizarre, '80s-electronic lens. I have listened several times to this record and I still can't figure the shit out.