June 29, 2018

Flagpole Premieres: Wanderwild, 'Day 31' Video


Photo Credit: Alec Stanley

Meticulous local indie-pop outfit Wanderwild released its debut LP, In Due Time, in November, which we called "an artful and ambitious full-length that pulses and shimmers its way through nine thoughtfully composed tracks." Today, we're pleased to premiere a video for the record's glimmering closing number, "Day 31."

Frontman Matt Martin explains the song's genesis, saying, "I was grappling with the fact that I was headed on a path of semi-professionalism and self-employment post-grad. I was, and still am, however, constantly reminded that the most sacred moments in life are often the simplest ones. What ultimately matters is not some grand, organized framework of meaning and purpose, but rather the little voice in your head and the people around you that tell you that you do have a place in this world, as small as it might be."

The video, directed by Gabriel Cuomo, is a tender and stylish clip that mirrors the tune's wistful POV. As a child, "[r]iding around the wide, empty roads on a warm night was one of my simple joys," says Cuomo. "So, naturally, when my 20s rolled around, the comfort of a nostalgic night ride seemed existentially satisfying. Even before Matt talked to me about a music video, I was dreaming up a short film highlighting those sentiments."

Check out the video for "Day 31" below: