June 20, 2017

Flagpole Premieres: The Eskimos, 'Surf's Down'


Photo Credit: Sean Dunn

Athens-based psych-pop band The Eskimos called it quits in 2002, but quietly reformed in recent years, after frontman Drew Sinclair's karaoke rendition of an ABBA tune drew rave reviews from fellow patrons at a Decatur, AL bar. Or so the band would have you believe.

In any case, after re-recruiting his former bandmates—Mark Lawrence, Jason Eshelman and Andy Pope—Sinclair began working on what would become There Is a Light…, the group's upcoming full-length. Tracked at Chase Park Transduction and Eshelman’s home studio, the highly enjoyable 10-song record is a revealing snapshot of a band re-discovering what first made it tick.

Today we're pleased to premiere the album's lead single, the lush "Surf's Down," which you can stream below:

The song's levity is emblematic of the overall vibe on There Is a Light…. "Ultimately, there’s this classicism of what we do deep down that I always try to escape from. The playfulness is probably an attempt to get away from that," Sinclair is quoted as saying in a press release.

The Eskimos play The World Famous this Thursday, June 22. They'll be giving away free copies of the "Surf's Down" 7-inch at the show while they last, so don't slouch.