October 23, 2014

Flagpole Premieres: Scooterbabe, 'Know That I Don't Want You'


Photo Credit: Anna Pence

Though it has played steadily around town for the last couple years and gained a respectable local fanbase in the process, indie-pop trio Scooterbabe has but one EP to its name, a self-titled, five-track effort released last November.

Now, the band is set to drop the follow-up, again in EP form. The new one is titled (yes, that is the name of the damn thing) and is out Oct. 28 digitally and in the near future on cassette via Pizza Tomb.

The four-song record finds the band honing the C86-inspired sound it has put forth since the beginning. For fans of noisy, navel-gazing jangle-pop, it's a must-listen. Flagpole's Gordon Lamb is blunt in his assessment: "No one in Athens has played well-crafted, distortion-free pop of this type and caliber in a very long time."

Unfortunately, as quickly as it came, Scooterbabe is coming to an end—at least for the time being. Frontman JJ Posway is leaving Athens next month, and he says though he may resurrect the group at some point, that's all for now.

As a send-off for the band, we're pleased as punch to premiere a track from—the wistful "Know That I Don't Want You." Posway explains: 

Our first EP revolved around one sound musically, and four fictional characters lyrically. On this new one we looked to a wider range of our musical influences and went for a more personal lyrical approach. A lot of it has to do with post-collegiate anxiety, though there are still continuations of stories we started with the characters on the first EP. "Know That I Don't Want You" has the most to do with those stories.

Stream the track below:

Scooterbabe plays a Halloween house show on Friday, Oct. 31. Ask around.